Our mission

The mission of the Midlands Food Alliance is to advocate and educate for a sustainable and equitable, localized food system in the Midlands.

Vision statement

A resilient local food system that ensures all residents have access to healthy and affordable food produced with dignity while providing a healthy and sustainable living for farmers and protecting our environment.

Guiding principles 

All people in our community should have equitable and affordable access to buy or grow nutritious, sustainable, local food that’s grown with dignity.

  • It is important to educate the community on the value of a sustainable food system and nutritious food.
  • Success in developing, linking and strengthening the food system will be achieved through community partnerships and collaboration.
  • Food brings us together in celebration of our community, and it is an important part of our region’s diversity and heritage.


The Midlands Food Alliance works to…

  • create a forum that brings people together from all sectors of the food system to generate new relationships and cross learning.
  • promote equitable policies and programs that increase food security and social and economic opportunity for food producers, distributors and consumers in the region.
  • support education and programs that encourage Midlands residents to make healthy food choices.
  • serve as an information nucleus for our members about food literacy and local resources of Midlands farms, grocers, restaurants and food systems.


Definitions of Sustainable Food System

  • Equitable: Abundant, affordable, and accessible to all
  • Resilient: Thrives in the face of challenges such as unpredictable climate, increased pest resistance, declining and increasingly expensive water, and energy supplies
  • Healthy
  • Access: Ability to obtain and produce locally grown food
  • Local Food System: Food production, processing, distribution, consumption, and waste management as well as associated supporting and regulatory institutions and activities in the Midlands of SC.
  • Food Literacy: Understanding the impact of your food choices and the ability to make informed choices that support one’s health, community, and the environment



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